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We had a fascinating Tech and Inclusion presentation by BCEdAccess: Chantelle Morvay-Adams. Check out their website for more resources! Follow them on twitter! @BCEdAccess I spent an hour reading posts and articles on their twitter page! What a great connection!

I am eager to learn about equitable access to education, especially more about how neuro diverse students with invisible disabilities are supported in education. Her sharing her experiences with her own children made such an impact on my thinking. The challenges she has faced with the education system, getting him assessed made me think about how many children have to wait for the school system to assess them. Hearing her children are doing well in their catchment schools currently is comforting.

Chantelle talk to us about the VIP- Very involved parent!!! I had never heard this! I love it! Her point that not all parents can advocate or be as involved in their children’s education and learning for various reasons.

Considering the different types of Tech that can be used to support children is something I really want to learn more about. I have seen the use of IPADs but that is it. I waded through some of the great apps that are available such as Mathtalk , Clicker Connect and Pictello. I have used Boardmaker f many times and I find it great. I wish there was more open access to it as I feel like sometimes only certain people have access to it in the schools and it takes time to get prompts and pictures made.

I do not have much experience reading IEP’s but I found this resource very helpful to understand how they are built, why and when. Check out this Provincial guide for teachers regarding IEP’s. Province of British Columbia Individual Education Planning for Students with Special Needs\

I took this big idea from the guide to help me start thinking about IEP’s.

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